{{Animation |name=The Friends and Kenny Costoya |animation=Jetix |author=Alfred A. Matio |director=Marcel Ventura |voice=Ileana Herrera as (Kelly)
Kenny Costoya as (Robot Explocit)
Kevin Costoya as (Robot Explocit)
Jay Candelaria as (Robot Explocit)
Luis Montalvo as (Robot Explocit)
Jordan Herrera as (Robot Explocit)
Gabriel Herrera as (Robot Explocit) |composer=Alfred A. Matio
Marcel Ventura |released=July 15, 2007 |languages=English
French |color=PAL |}

The Friends and Kenny Costoya is the 2007 version original, from this the version hide.

Synopsis Edit

The day on this the explore is it the Dob-Up NightCore, into this the NightToday enhanced with widescreen.

Characters Edit

The Friends Edit

{{Main article:The Friends}}

Color Role Actor
Kelly Ileana Herera Class Wishing/With The Smile Animals/Whistle Work Into The Merry Tune
Characters Edit

Robot Explocit Edit

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Color Role Actor
Robot Explocit Red Kenny Costoya The Legend of High Pitched/Up In The Hands/Fiesta Vol. 5

|width="20" style="background-color:red;color:white;"|Robot Explocit Blue |Kevin Costoya |The War Into The Butter-Homchen |} |width="20" style="background-color:red;color:white;"|Robot Explocit Green |Jay Candelaria |Squad Engies |} |width="20" style="background-color:red;color:white"|Robot Explocit Yellow |Luis Montalvo |Squad Vol. 12 |} |width="20" style="background-color:red;color:white"|Robot Explocit Pink |Jordan Herrera |Squad Vol. 56 |} |width="20" style="background-color:red;color:white"|Robot Explocit Black |Gabriel Herrera |Squad Vol. 23 |}

Soundtrack Edit

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The soundtrack version in 2007 early in 2008 for this recording version on this the cassette languages.

Songs Edit


Video Edit

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This is the song from me to this the video.

The Friends and Kenny Costoya

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